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London is truly an extraordinary place and the thing which makes it most extraordinary is the people who have been drawn here and who have made their home in the capital:  they have brought with them the most amazing diversity of traditions, cultures, and habits, of faiths, expectations and hopes, and these are reflected in the appearance of each and every sitter.

‘100 Faces of London’ features portraits of one hundred of these Londoners, reflecting the huge diversity of people who make up this great city of ours.   All photographed within a twelve-month period, mostly during 2010, the youngest sitter was 20 and the oldest 100, with every effort made to embrace a broad range of ethnic backgrounds.

From the very outset, the aim was to invite only ‘ordinary Londoners’ to join the project (ie Londoners who were not famous, who were not familiar personalities, politicians, or well-known actors, all of whose faces have been frequently photographed and exhibited).   However, once the photography was completed, not one of the sitters, any of whom might have been seen in the capital’s streets, parks or theatre foyers, could have been accurately described as an ‘ordinary Londoner’;  they all proved to be quite extraordinary personalities and, perhaps inevitably, a few of them did have significant profiles in the life of the capital.

It must be emphasised that this was an artistic, not a commercial project.   All the sitters were volunteers who kindly travelled to a temporary studio in Chiswick, where they were photographed just as they were, or as they wished to present themselves.  Clothing, hairstyle, make-up, jewellery were left entirely at the discretion of the sitter, with the least possible influence from the photographer. The portraits were deliberately formal, designed to reveal the character and spirit of those who so richly illustrated the astonishing and delightful diversity which was the underlying inspiration for the project.

Images were uploaded to this gallery as I captured them, but once the 100th sitter had been photographed, I was able to proceed to the next stage of the project, the preparation of a ‘Heritage Book’.

The Heritage Book

Two copies of this ‘Heritage Book’ have been produced:  they comprise high-quality prints of all 100 portraits, printed by the photographer, using archival paper, printing inks that incorporate high-density pigments, and with a binding designed for longevity.   Epson UK has generously part-sponsored the production of these ‘Heritage Books’, with the kind donation of the printing materials.  

I am delighted to announce that one of the volumes has been accepted by the British Library at St Pancras and has now been lodged within its photographic collections, to be retained for posterity.   To see more about the Book, go to ‘Heritage Book’ on the top menu bar, or use the link above.

The Exhibition

An exhibition of ‘100 Faces of London’ was mounted in the Crypt Gallery at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, for a period of 5 weeks, from 11 June 2012.   This coincided, as envisaged, with the Cultural Olympiad. 

To see more about the Exhibition, go to ‘Exhibition’ on the top menu bar, or use the link above.


Welcome to my Photographic project: 

‘100 faces of london’ *

“London:  a nation, not a city.”


“Give me a look,

  give me a face,

That makes simplicity a  


Robes loosely flowing,

  hair as free,

Such sweet neglect

  more taketh me,

Than all the adulteries

  of art;

They strike mine eyes,

  but not my heart.”

                  Ben Jonson

“The face the index of a feeling mind ...”

           George Crabbe

“Faces are but a gallery of pictures ...”

              Francis Bacon

Acknowledgements  & THANKS

First and foremost, to record thanks to all 100 sitters for agreeing to be part of the 100 Faces of London project and for being so generous with their time and their patience.

To record special thanks to those sitters who offered additional support to the project and who also kindly took time to consider and to recommend others:  David Ellis, Anita McKenzie, Stanley E Grant, Nigel Broome, Chantelle Dickson, Suniya Qureshi, Zachary Latif, Haldun Musazlioglu, Masoomeh Faraji and Jen & Stanley Albert.

And to offer thanks to four key contributors

Sue Mason, artist and staunch friend of the project, for invaluable advice and encouragement

Veronica Revi, for her generous support of our oldest sitter

Pat Postle, for her professional advice and support

Gerald Burnett, for general support, day-to-day assistance, administration, proofreading and acting as host to most of the sitters, without whom the realisation of the project would have been almost impossible.

------ o ------

To record thanks to those individuals and organisations who were sufficiently open-minded and far-sighted to see the worth of this project and to give it their generous endorsement and support.   Without their commitment, some of the most arresting portraits could not have been achieved.

Ministry of Defence

Major General William G Cubitt CBE, Commander, Household Division

Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy D Bagshaw, Coldstream Guards

Garrison Sergeant Major William D G Mott, OBE

HM Tower of London

John Keohane Esq, Chief Yeoman Warder

Royal Hospital, Chelsea

General the Lord Walker GCB CMG CBE DL, Governor

Brigadier David Radcliffe, Adjutant

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, London

Dr Elham Danish and the staff of the Royal Embassy

High Commission for Pakistan

Ghulam Hussain Esq, First Secretary

New Zealand High Commission

Stephanie Scott, Secretary, and Members of Ngati Ranana, the London Maori Club

Metropolitan Police

Commander David Bilson, Borough Commander, LB Hounslow

The Comboni Missionary Sisters, Chiswick

Sister Olympia

Sister Maureen

Epson (UK) Ltd

Leonie Davies for coordination of sponsorship

Hannah Sardar for assistance

Sue Burgess for coordination of sponsorship related to The Heritage Book

Chris Sugg and Dominic Fowler for their expert technical support

St Martin-in-the Fields

Allyson Hargreaves, Business Operations Director, for her early enthusiasm for the 100 Faces of London exhibition  and for her inestimable support in mounting it.

Julie Emig, Head of Marketing, for her professional advice and assistance with publicity.

------ o ------


The 100 Faces of London project is deeply indebted to:

ST MARTIN-IN-THE-FIELDS, for making available, at no charge, the Crypt Gallery space for a period of five weeks, for publicising the project, for featuring it as part of the major JOURNEYS exposition, and for all the help and guidance so freely contributed by several key members of staff.

EPSON UK LTD, for their handsome sponsorship of both this exhibition and the production of the Heritage Books through the generous donation of all the printing inks and paper stock required.

ALVITO RESOURCE LTD, for sponsoring the project in a variety of ways and particularly for making available all the photographic, lighting and associated studio equipment; the hardware and software used for image processing; and for the contribution of associated consumables.  All the images on display were printed on the company’s Epson Stylus Pro 3880, as were those contained in the Heritage Books.  The cost of binding and finishing these books was also generously met by Alvito Resource Ltd, as were all the costs related to the mounting of the exhibition, graphic design, publicity and associated costs.

Copyright ©

The copyright of all the Images and designs related to the 100 Faces of London project and to the Heritage Book lies with Milan Svanderlik, London, UK.

* This project originally had the working title, ‘London Faces’

Updated:  19th April 2016