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The Heritage Book

This ‘Heritage Book’ is an extraordinary production of archival quality.  Larger than A2 [450x620mm or 17x25 inches] the volume has been beautifully bound for longevity by a firm of specialist bookbinders in Reading - Masters Bookbinding.   In its own protective ‘library case’ and with 110 pages, including high-quality prints of all 100 portraits, the tome weighs a hefty 20 kg, or around 44 lbs.   Only two copies have been produced:  I shall retain one;  the other will be a gift to our great city, from me and from all the Londoners who participated.

Every page of these two magnificent volumes received my personal attention and I am happy to say that the highest quality of output of each individual portrait printed has been maintained.  My partner, Gerald Burnett, looked after the introductory pages and kept an eye on the accuracy of all the text.

I am delighted to announce that the ‘100 Faces of London’ Heritage Book has been accepted by the British Library at St Pancras and is now lodged within the photographic collections there, to be retained for posterity. ( British Library Shelfmark : Photo 1249 ) The Book itself was officially presented to the Lead Curator for Visual Arts, Mr John Falconer, during the exhibition’s opening ceremony on 12th June 2012.

Amongst other things, Mr Falconer said in his acceptance speech:

“It is a very great pleasure to accept this wonderful photographic tribute to the cultural and ethnic diversity of London for the permanent photographic collections of the British Library. The strengths of the Library’s photographic collections are most firmly rooted in the 19th century and I did initially wonder how such an acquisition would fit with our existing holdings. But the title, 100 Faces of London, reminded me of a distinguished photographic forebear in our collections. In the mid-1840s, in the formative first decade of photography, two Edinburgh photographers, David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, produced a (similarly massive!) volume of portraits of the inhabitants of Edinburgh, entitled One Hundred Calotype Sketches, generally considered one of the finest achievements of early photography.

“This fortuitous coincidence of both title and subject matter underlines the continuity of photography’s engagement with human experience and the medium’s unique ability to capture the historical moment in the fascinating variety of human expression. These two works speak to each other across a period of over a century and a half and the preservation of Milan Svanderlik’s monumental work in the British Library is both appropriate and gratefully welcomed. “


Hal, the very first sitter, with one of the finished Heritage Books

The Heritage Book has been presented to the British Library, to be retained for posterity

The ‘Journeys’ Exposition was installed in the foyer of St Martin’s Crypt and was there until end of November 2012.  It featured ‘100 Faces of London’, including the Heritage Book (behind glass) and has proved to be useful pre-publicity for our exhibition.

Three sample pages (out of 110) from the Heritage Book

All the sitters who attended the Official Opening of the Exhibition, on 12th June 2012, gather round the Heritage Book, together with Mr John Falconer of the British Library and the Photographer

Thank you

Milan Svanderlik

Updated: 1st January 2013   


100 Faces of London is indebted to Alvito Resource Ltd, for sponsoring the project and for making available all the photographic, lighting and associated studio equipment;  the hardware and software used for image processing;  for associated consumables;  and for the design input to the pages of this book.   All the images contained were printed on the company’s Epson Stylus Pro 3880, and Alvito Resource also generously met the costs of binding and finishing the volume.

The project is also deeply indebted to Epson (UK) Ltd, for generously sponsoring the production of these volumes through the supply of both the printing inks and paper stock.


The bookbinding and finishing of these volumes were expertly executed by Masters Bookbinding Ltd of Reading.

Copyright ©

The copyright of all the designs and images in The Heritage Book lies with Milan Svanderlik,

London,  UK.

About Production of The Heritage book

To learn more about how this book was designed, printed and produced, and also about Epson printing technology and the rather special archival Epson printing stock which has been used, please click on the following link :

The Heritage Book Production