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Milan Svanderlik - a botanist and later, a photographer - was born in Northern Bohemia, in 1948, and was educated partly in the former states of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, and partly in the UK.   He has lived and worked in Croatia, in Switzerland and for over 40 years in London.   A veteran observer of the extraordinary diversity and beauty of nature, people and life in general, Milan studied botany abroad and photography in London.   He has exhibited plant photographs in London’s Photographers’ Gallery.

Following his Photography studies in London, Milan went on to work for a number of years as a photographer for the British Government.   During this period, he progressed to manage a large media resources section within one of the nation’s most renowned academic and research establishments, with responsibility for graphic design, photography, imaging and associated services.   He moved the department into the digital age and, supported by a first-rate team, he also coordinated the production of scientific publications and books.

In addition to portraiture and plant studies, Milan’s photographic work encompasses travel photography, landscape, still life and photo-reportage. 

Though a lifelong observer of people in general, this is Milan’s first serious exploration of  the diversity of the human face - in this instance, he has selected 100 sitters from amongst the inhabitants of his adopted city.   Though a photographic art form practised nowadays by only the few, formal studio portraiture was chosen quite deliberately, as Milan firmly believes that such portraits are as much the creation of the sitter as they are of the photographer.   His studio-based technique, with generous time allowed for each portrait, has engendered a closeness between sitter and photographer which is almost tangible in these images of Londoners.   Echoing a remark of the great Irving Penn, Milan says that a photographer working in this way cannot but help ‘fall in love a little’ with each of the sitters he observes through the lens.   Inner beauty and spirit are released, allowed to surface, and instantly captured, to be frozen for all time.


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